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Caviss C242GBE4

Caviss C242GBE4 Wine cooler with 2 temperature zones for 42 bottles
Compact wine climate cabinet with 2 serving or storage temperatures with a capacity of up to 42 bottles. The temperature is adjustable from 5 to 12°C at the top and from 5 to 22°C at the bottom.
This version is equipped with an anti-UV glass door to ensure that your bottles are not affected by light. This cellar can hold up to 42 bottles.
- For bringing white or sparkling wines to the desired temperature before serving
- To bring red wines to the right serving temperature or to keep wines at a constant temperature
The stylish design fits into any interior while adding a modern touch.
The LED interior lighting allows you to put your bottles in the picture and an LCD screen allows you to control the temperature thanks to the electronic control.
Key features :
  • Temperature range : Adjustable above (5 to 12°C) and below (5 to 22°C)
  • Contents: up to 42 bottles
  • Simple and functional device
  • Model colour : Black
  • Colour of door frame: Black
  • Dimensions: H825*W525*D607 mm
  • Ambient temperature min. / max.: 16°C / 38°C
  • Freestanding places
  • Anti Vibration System
  • Handle in stainless steel
  • Digital indication of temperature
  • Energy class A
  • HxBxD : 52.5 x 52.5x 60.7 cm
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